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Drug Detox and Treatment Center

In Benton County Arkansas

One important aspect of freeing yourself from drugs is to detox from them. Eliminating the problem of physical dependence frees you up to do the work necessary to recover from addiction.

High Quality Detox and Drug Treatment Center in Benton County, Arkansas

Deciding to step into a detox for drug treatment in Arkansas is a profound, life-changing decision. This is the point where someone suffering with addiction to drugs or alcohol can finally take stock and begin to turn their life around. However, there is a process involved in finding recovery, and detox is the first step. At EagleCrest, our addiction treatment facility in Bentonville, AR, is uniquely designed to walk individuals through the entire drug detox process.

Before deeper psychological recovery and behavioral treatment found in a rehab or an IOP is even an option, the immediate physical drug addition has to be brought under control. Individuals who have been using drugs for a period of time have created a dependence on the substance. This means the drugs they have been adding to their body have begun to replace many naturally created chemicals. And when they are taken away, withdrawals will occur.

Drug Detox

Benton County Drug Detox

Finding a quality Benton County drug detox center (also known as rehab) is an important step in your recovery. Often individuals are not aware that detoxing from drugs can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. When you choose to take this step in your recovery journey at EagleCrest, you receive top-quality care from experienced clinicians that will guide you through the process with safety and in comfort.

The First Step

How to Detox From Drugs at Our Benton County Rehab Facility

If you or a loved one are suffering from a drug addiction (or substance use disorder) we can help. The quickest way to get detox treatment is to simply call one of our addiction specialists. From there we can do a quick assessment and evaluation of the situation.

On this call we will consult you on what seems to be happening and what your options are. Part of this call will include a free insurance evaluation to verify if financial assistance is an option. People looking for help with a drug addiction, for themselves or a loved one, are often unaware of the resources available to them, so this call is vital in understanding the process and getting a clear view of what drug treatment in Arkansas will look like.

It is important to be honest and thorough in this initial call. Our team is professional, experienced, and compassionate. They will guide you through any questions you have and offer a clear roadmap for recovery.

Call Today

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If you or someone you love has a drug problem, a detox center in Benton County for drugs or alcohol is the first step. Our drug detox center offers professionally supervised care to help you safely and comfortably detox from drugs in a supportive, compassionate environment as quickly as possible.

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