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Holistic Addiction Treatment In Arkansas

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Rehab with holistic options

Holistic Treatment

Substance use disorder is a complicated disease that involves multiple aspects of a person’s psychobehavioral personality. It can be seen as a chronic condition that may derail many aspects of life. If not dealt with in a sustainable way, this disease will have a major impact on personal, professional, and family life. This is why EagleCrest offers a holistic treatment plan.

What Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Look Like?

Modern medicine understands that individuals are actually complex systems of interrelated actions, reactions, and relationships. When it comes to substance use disorders the body, mind, and environment are all in play.

This is why holistic treatment treats an individual on all of these levels. On a practical level, this means understanding any mental illness that might be affecting a client but also addressing nutrition and exercise. It means assisting someone with physical cravings and drug withdrawal symptoms as well as coaching them with interpersonal communication and how to interact appropriately with an employer or family member.

Holistic addiction treatment includes a wide range of treatments to help align a clients mind, body, and spirit. A major contributing factor to substance use is the stress and the inability to manage it. Holistic treatment directly addresses this reality with evidence-based addiction counseling and behavioral and alternative modalities. These can include massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga.

Why Is Holistic Addiction Treatment Better?

The holistic approach provides clients with the physical, emotional, and psychological support needed to identify the root causes of addiction and how to confront it.

Holistic therapies help our clients learn more about their unique emotions, behaviors and the inner strength that is available to them.

If you’d like to know more about holistic drug rehabilitation and how it differs from standard addiction treatment programs, call us today.

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