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Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana Rehab

Addiction treatment center for weed

Marijuana Addiction Help

Advocates for the legal usage of marijuana (any species of the Cannabaceae plant family) would have you believe that there are no adverse effects from using marijuana, and you can’t become addicted to it. Some even claim that it has beneficial properties (cures cancer, etc.) and while the research on these benefits has been inconclusive, the very real negative consequences are often overlooked.

Marijuana is not addictive in the same way that more invasive narcotics can be. However, it does cause a psychological dependency if used daily over a period of time. A marijuana user will never have to worry about going through physical withdraw symptoms but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to return the brain to normal functioning after years of abuse.

Is Weed Addictive?

Our brains are wired with “cannabinoid” receptors, which are meant to receive certain neurotransmitters. When they are introduced to the body exogenously (from the outside), your body will begin to reduce its production of these transmitters. This changes the mind’s capacity for certain things and inhibits neuroplasticity. Ultimately, this changes the structure of the brain and causes it to depend on the exogenous source of the transmitters.

One of the most diminished facts about marijuana usage is that an overwhelming majority of its users choose to smoke the cured flowers of the plant in apparatuses or in rolled leaves. This combustion process creates carbon as a byproduct, which is one of the worst things you can deliberately inhale. Smoking anything is a bad idea and no matter what it is, after years of smoking, deadly results are eminent.

How Marijuana Addiction Is Treated

As with any addictive substance, the first and often hardest part of the process is realizing that it’s a problem. No one can do this for the user but the user themselves.

Once the issue has been established, the user has to seek help. Perhaps they have been using every day for more than a decade—that means they will have to relearn how to navigate their daily life. This may involve counselling, group therapy, trauma therapy, and depending on the severity of their urges to use, it may require inpatient addiction treatment.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

The key to preventing relapse and keeping the person on the right path is productivity. Filling every part of their day with positive and constructive actions to stay as busy as possible. Another enormous factor is support. If the user continues to be surrounded by temptation, then it will be difficult for them to maintain their sobriety. A strong support system is vital to the longevity of their sobriety.

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