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Changes Everything.

EagleCrest is committed to high-quality, individualized drug or alcohol detox. Our priority is ensuring safety, comfort, and the best first step for finding lasting recovery for all individuals that come to us for help.

EagleCrest Quality Standards:

1. Overall Excellence

First and foremost, every EagleCrest program holds the highest standard of addiction care. Not only is our treatment center fully licensed we are also staffed with highly trained staff, team members, and psychological and medical support. When you choose EagleCrest, you are choosing the best treatment available.

2. Evidence-Based Treatment

There can be no guessing in addiction treatment. When lives are at stake, the programs must be proven. The treatment centers in our network use methods that have researched, scientific results. They have proven positive outcomes. They can be replicated for consistent results. And they have a quality standard by which they can be measured. Without evidence-based treatment, an addiction treatment center is making guesses with the lives of those in its care.

3. Vision

Without purpose and goals, even treatment centers will default into going through the motions. EagleCrest has a passion for recovery and a vision of treatment for every person that engages their program. Always moving forward and offering the most up-to-date services, EagleCrest is forward thinking in order to successfully transition individuals from chemical (or behavioral) dependency to full physical and mental recovery.

4. Facility Quality

This is a crucial element. In a state of early recovery everything contributes to the efficacy of the program. General disarray and environmental chaos is detrimental to transformation. On the other side, a clean, inviting, beautiful facility with care and attention given to setting, nutrition, and comfort vastly improve resident involvement. The facilities at EagleCrest are carefully crafted and maintain an environment of healing.

5. Holistic Options

Therapy goes beyond evidence-based treatments. Given the opportunity, each individual in the process of recovery is going to gravitate toward an experiential treatment that suits their personality and unique outlook. Holistic treatments include such options as outdoor therapy, music and art, exercise, and much more.

6. Individualized Treatment

EagleCrest has a distinctive approach to recovery treatment for each client. The reason for this is every person’s recovery journey is unique. Treatment without individualized plans is treatment destined to fail. Yes, it takes more time, effort, and patience to create a new plan for every person that comes to us. But the end result is lasting recovery.

7. Community Based Recovery

We believe in community
We believe in family guidance
We believe in safe environments
We believe in sustainable results
We believe in staying in touch with our clients
well beyond their time in our facilities—
we pursue long-term recovery on all levels.

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