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Intensive Outpatient Program

Flexible and tailored treatment

The IOP at EagleCrest in Benton County, Arkansas, is tailored to people who need a step down from residential treatment in an environment that addresses their unique needs for high-quality drug treatment in Arkansas.

IOP in Benton County, Arkansas

Mother and children enjoying a peaceful walk beside a serene lake, symbolizing family support in an IOP program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Flexible and tailored treatment

The IOP at EagleCrest in Benton County, Arkansas, is tailored to people who need a step down from residential treatment in an environment that addresses their unique needs for high-quality drug treatment in Arkansas.

Effective IOPs are not just a path to recovery,

they're a bridge to a life free from the chains of addiction.

Man taking a deep breath against a clear blue sky, representing freedom and a fresh start after IOP addiction treatment."

Flexible IOP in Benton County

Individuals seeking to substance use disorders often have the option of several different forms of treatment. One such method is an intensive outpatient program, sometimes abbreviated as IOP. At EagleCrest Recovery, we have identified a need for a high quality IOP in Benton County, Arkansas.

An intensive outpatient program is most often employed to address various forms of substance addiction and are actually also used in treatment of other mental or emotional issues such as eating disorders and depression.

An IOP differs from inpatient treatment in that clients do not require 24-hour continual care and are administered specific individualized treatment on an outpatient basis. This means they live and sleep at home and are in their regular environment throughout treatment.

This means individuals overcoming chemical dependency or substance use disorders may even be able to engage in certain activities such as working a job and fulfilling social and familial responsibilities like being a parent and caring for family members.

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What Is an IOP Program?

Often, the severity of an individual’s addiction or problem will determine the type of treatment they require. This therapeutic protocol may prove effective for individuals representing several categories including:

People Who Have Successfully Transitioned From Residential Treatment or Have Moderate Addictions

Often IOP is the step after residential treatment (or rehab). After inpatient treatment, some people still benefit from a treatment plan that takes a baby step away from 24-hour attention. Intensive outpatient treatment might well serve those with moderate addictions. Moderate addictions or other issues may necessitate aggressive treatment but not yet have progressed to a stage where the individual in question cannot function.

IOPs may still prove effective for those with severe addictions. Certain people simply cannot handle the thought of spending time inside a facility or being hospitalized for an extended period. Others in this category might be saddled with far too many responsibilities to simply enter a residential facility for an extended duration. Even though EagleCrest Recovery has a partnership with multiple inpatient programs that are beautiful and clinically proven, we understand the rare occasion where a person may need this modality of drug treatment in Arkansas.

Ideal Candidates

IOPs often best suit persons who have a stable home life. That means you have supportive family members or relationships. The people in your life must want you to succeed. Moreover, the environment should not be anywhere close to reminders of the addictive behavior or provide the remotest access to the substance said individual was addicted to.

How Does IOP in Benton County Work

Like any treatment, IOPs will differ based on treatment approaches. However, however, at EagleCrest Recovery in Bentonville, AR, clients can expect these basic treatment modalities:


Intensive outpatient treatment recipients will often be given significant amounts of therapy. Said therapy will often be broken down into two separate subcategories, group and individual.

Group Therapy

Group gatherings are said to boost the participant’s communication skills and a forum for individuals to interact with others dealing with similar circumstances.

The EagleCrest IOP in Benton County is unique from other programs in that we use a progressive therapy model. We have the same therapist working through a 12 week course, the client will start courses at any week and work through the 12 progressively.

As well, if you are registered in our IOP, you are guaranteed a spot (many other programs run on a first-come-first-served basis).

Individualized Therapy

This form of therapy is conducted between a counselor or therapist and the patient. Said entities work together to help the recovering individual identify what precipitated their addictive behavior and establish coping methods designed to prevent recidivism.

Therapy is only as good as the tools an individual has to engage with the world in a healthy manner after treatment. Skill work could include such focuses as preventative actions, interpersonal relationships, employment help, communication, anger and emotion management, and more.

IOP at EagleCrest in Bentonville, AR

EagleCrest offers high-quality detox, administered by an experienced staff, that is specifically designed to help each individual move from their first decision moment to full recovery treatment with the best possible outcome tailored to each client through series of assessments and planning.

If you or your loved one is looking for the best launching ground for lasting recovery in Benton County, AR, call us at EagleCrest today. Our addiction specialists are ready to answer any question and get you all the information you need to take part in this unique and powerful treatment, today.