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Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program

Rehab Family Counseling

Family Counseling Opportunity

One of the not-so-hidden truths of addiction is that it is the families that are hit the hardest. Substance use disorder is particularly vicious as it tends to breed chaos, indifference, and sometimes even violence. The damage this creates to those closest to a person with an addiction is massive.

When someone with an addiction decides it is time to get help, that is an incredible step. And recovery is possible. However, it doesn’t change the damage that was caused to the people in their lives.

The Healing Aspect

Beyond the damage, oftentimes it is the people who live with us that can make the difference for sustained recovery.

Family therapy provides a platform to heal and express emotions that have been created because of the addiction. It also helps clients begin to understanding the impact their actions had on their relationships.

Often, the healing found in family therapy for addiction treatment is especially crucial for younger children who have spent their lives around adults dealing with dependency issues.

What Happens in Family Therapy for Addiction Treatment?

While the style of family therapy for addiction treatment may vary depending on how much impact your family has faced, we always center our treatment on rebuilding trust and healing broken bonds.

In some cases, family dysfunctions contribute to the addictive behavior. It is not rare for relatives to unknowingly take on a harmful role in encouraging their loved one’s dependence. In such cases, getting relatives to admit the role that they played is crucial to healing the wounds of the family.

By choosing participate in family therapy at EagleCrest Recovery, we can help to identify such issues and create a safe space for acceptance and understanding.

Introducing this openness can help to guide your family in the process of rebuilding the devestation that the addiction created.

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