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The Next Step in Detox Treatment

DCAP means: Detoxification, Clinical Assessment, and Preparation. At EagleCrest drug treatment in Benton County, Arkansas, our program goes further than the typical drug and alcohol detox into assessment and preparation.

DCAP: Detoxification, Clinical Assessment, and Preparation in Benton County, AR

Detox is sometimes misunderstood as the full extent of addiction treatment. While it is the most important first step to take, it is only a piece of the overall drug or alcohol addiction treatment program.

With this in mind, there are a few important aspects of a high-quality detox that will influence the effectiveness of a program. Not only are quick access, a location of healing, an experienced staff, a variety of treatment modalities, and a qualified use of medications all of vital importance, the most effective detox treatment will understand that substance use disorders are highly complex.

The biopsychosocial model is a good basis to form an accurate understanding of addiction. This approach to health, illnesses, and other disorders takes into account the biology, psychology, and social aspects of a person. And these all crucially inform the direction and adoption of drug treatment in Arkansas.

When addressing drug and alcohol use disorders and addictions, genetics, brain chemistry, and environment all play a part. As you can imagine, each person has a completely unique combination of all three of these.

What Is DCAP?

DCAP is a unique program at EagleCrest developed specifically to create a procedure that accurately and comprehensively individualizes a detox plan built on solid assessment and offers each client the best possible foundation from which to build their lasting recovery. DCAP is comprised of 3 three phases.

Phase 1


The professional clinical detox programs at EagleCrest are coupled with evidenced-based assessments—AUDIT test, NIDA drug screening tool, and a nutrition and sleep assessment—and practices to create an individualized treatment for each client. This detox is designed to successfully transition clients into the next stage of DCAP with physical and mental strength and the confidence to take the first step in building their lives again.

Phase 2

Clinical Assessment

The assessment phase of DCAP is unique. This phase includes the Beck Depression Inventory, Burns Anxiety Inventory, a trauma history, and the Adverse Childhood Experience questionnaire. The team at EagleCrest takes a thorough look at the client’s life, relationships, and daily functioning then assess for motivation, readiness, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, healthy support system, and any major barriers to treatment.

Phase 3


The preparation phase includes finalizing all the aspects of the next level of care. During their stay, clients join psycho-educational groups like DBT, CBT, anger management, communication, and emotional intelligence. As well they take part in groups focused solely on recovery, such as relapse prevention, recovery principles, refusal skills, and practical sobriety tools. Experiential groups like meditation, mindfulness, expressive art therapy, yoga, music therapy, life skills, and cooking classes are also offered.

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DCAP Is a Unique Detox Program at EagleCrest in Bentonville, AR

EagleCrest offers high-quality detox and drug treatment in Arkansas, administered by an experienced staff, that is specifically designed to help each individual move from their first decision moment to full recovery treatment with the best possible outcome tailored to each client through series of assessments and planning.

If you or your loved one is looking for the best launching ground for lasting recovery in Benton County, AR, call us at EagleCrest today. Our addiction specialists are ready to answer any question and get you all the information you need to take part in this unique and powerful treatment, today.

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